“I strongly recommend Jannet on the highest terms due to her knowledge and professionalism in Homeschooling but, most of all, because Jannet is an amazing person, so generous and kind to assist and help everybody in the homeschooling journey. I have done it all, public school, private school, PTA presidency, homeschooling, and dual enrolment. At first, I was so lost about homeschooling due to its multiple choices and benefits that where all new to me, coming from South America. There, homeschooling did not even exist. I did not hear about it until my daughter was starting middle school. I could not have done it if it were not for Jannet who helped me to navigate these waters. Also, she guided me through the process of dual enrollment on my daughter’s last year of High School and structured her curricula of courses that she needed to take to be used towards her bachelor’s degree”