I was lucky enough to homeschool alongside Jannet for about 5 years. Even luckier….her kids were a touch older than mine, so just when I was coming up on any challenge or it was time for a change in technique, she had inevitably “already been there” with at least one of her kids. Not every solution is the right fit for every child, but having the resource of someone who has been homeschooling 3 VERY different kids through different stages of life (including from school to home and home to school) meant that Jannet had a breadth of experience (and patience and creativity) that she was always ready, willing and able to share. If what you need is mixing up the routine a bit, transitioning from a home program to a competitive magnet school,  moving from school to detox and homeschool, or homeschool and college dual enrollment….Jannet has helped her kids (and numerous other families) through it and is a wonderful guide. If you are just getting started and need an injection of courage, she has that for you as well!