When I first started to think about homeschooling, a homeschooler I met gave me Jannet’s contact information. I called her and she ┬áspent over an hour answering all of my questions and giving me the guidance and encouragement I needed to plunge in.My daughter attended classes at the wonderful cooperative homeschooling group that Jannet and Dee Dee ran for many years. Whenever I had a problem, a concern, or just needed assistance to navigate the world of homeschooling, Jannet was there with ideas, suggestions and invaluable information. She helped me to put together the transcript for my daughter when she reached high school age and wanted to attend a magnet school. Jannet is still my go-to person, eleven years later, whenever I need advice, guidance or support. Her expertise in the homeschooling world is invaluable and always up to date. I recommend her services one hundred percent!