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  • How to set up your home education program
  • What is required from a home education program in Miami Dade County
  • Follow up email with general information and links
  • Visiting curriculum ideas
  • Exploring portfolio set-up ideas
  • Exploring different logging methods
  • High School Graduation Requirements
  • Keeping High School records
  • Benefits of Dual Enrollment
  • Miami Dade College Dual Enrollment Guidance
  • How to choose classes
  • Review of current records
  • Recommendation of possible current dual enrollment classes
  • Recommendation of future dual enrollment classes to satisfy High School requirements and Associate in Arts Requirements
  • How to set up the transcript.
  • How to calculate GPA

Hourly rate: $65/hour for phone or online Google Meet consultations payable via PayPal prior to each session. Please purchase one of the Guidance Sessions that fits your needs.

60 Minute Guidance Session
90 Minute Guidance Session

-Dee Dee

I have personally known and worked alongside Jannet for 16 years now. We met in a local homeschooling group helping the art teacher when our kids were young. We lived in the same neighborhood and shared a passion for providing a quality homeschool enrichment environment for our own children and many other families. Together we founded Homeschoolers of Miami Enrichment. Through the years while working alongside Jannet I have witnessed first hand her attention to detail, organization, perseverance, honesty and compassion. If Jannet does not know the answer she will find one for you. No job is too big or too small for her to handle. I am grateful to have had her knowledge and wise counsel throughout our family’s homeschooling journey. Jannet has focus like no other person I know. She will clear your confusion, direct your path and provide empathy and humor along the way!

-Jeanine Jansen

‘When you learn, teach. When you get, give.’ – Maya Angelou. This quote reminds of Jannet. Throughout her homeschooling experience she has been an advocate for all homeschooling families. By helping so many she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the homeschooling field of education. She can help you navigate your way through all levels of homeschooling from policy to key contacts to resources on curriculum and course offerings for all ages and levels of students. Jannet is a valuable and hard to find resource with a sincere and dedicated work ethic. I know our education experience has been enhanced thanks to her caring advice and solid understanding of this educational path.

-Jovan Suengas (former student)

In a moment where traditional schooling was failing me I felt that I had no options left! My best friend for years now happened to be Jannet’s son, and he advised me homeschooling was far more beneficial. As aspiring creatives we knew we needed more time and real world experience if we were to make a name for ourselves. Jannet hand crafted a curriculum that would both satisfy educational requirements, and aid me in my plight to chase my dreams. She went as far as suggesting workflows for laid back completion, as well as workflows that would be more intensive, but would leave me with more free time. In addition to guidance with homeschooling she also walked me through the steps to becoming a dual enrollment student. I enjoyed several semesters at BC attending college courses while simultaneously finishing my junior and senior years of high school. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help me do it. Since then I’ve been able to get my feet wet in nearly every one of my professional interests. Earning income, growing my brand, and gaining experience along the way. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and thank you for everything your guidance has helped me achieve!


We have been homeschooling for 20+ years and our fondest memories of our home education journey include our relationship with Jannet and H.O.M.E. As president of this co-op, she served as a leader whose expertise and life experience empowered parents and educators with skills needed to embark and maintain a home education program that met the needs of each unique family. My son, who has been accepted to the college of his dreams, and my daughter, who will graduate High School with an A.A. Degree from college, along with my youngest who is on her way to High School, often recall their unforgettable experience as incredibly fun and filled with inspired learning. Jannet’s passion and genuine interest in helping families and students, in addition to her wealth of information and connections, and let me not forget her contagious laughter and positive spirit, helped us make decisions that would benefit the future of our children.


Jannet knows it all!! She helped me navigate the world of homeschooling as a newbie years ago and I’m still using her advice. Check her out if you need guidance 💗

-Ivette Borrello (Miami Beach, FL)

“I strongly recommend Jannet on the highest terms due to her knowledge and professionalism in Homeschooling but, most of all, because Jannet is an amazing person, so generous and kind to assist and help everybody in the homeschooling journey. I have done it all, public school, private school, PTA presidency, homeschooling, and dual enrolment. At first, I was so lost about homeschooling due to its multiple choices and benefits that where all new to me, coming from South America. There, homeschooling did not even exist. I did not hear about it until my daughter was starting middle school. I could not have done it if it were not for Jannet who helped me to navigate these waters. Also, she guided me through the process of dual enrollment on my daughter’s last year of High School and structured her curricula of courses that she needed to take to be used towards her bachelor’s degree”


Jannet is a force like no other!!! I highly recommend anyone that needs guidance to seek her out!!!! I appreciate and will never forget all the time, patience and wealth of information she provided!


Jannet simply is a lifeline.  I am a homeschooling mother of four children, and was blessed enough to begin my journey early with Jannet as my guide.  Homeschooling is embarking on a path of knowledge and trust, both of which Jannet shines light upon.  Often I found myself unsure, questioning, insecure, exhausted, overwhelmed at the options available, unclear of what was an option, yet Jannet with her tremendous dedication and experience sat many afternoons guiding with the perfect balance of patience and motivation.  I have now claimed the beauty she has shared with me, and feel a sense of being fully capable and successful as I educate my children.  As a family, we are constantly evolving and our needs have shifted over the years, yet Jannet will always be our base of connection.


When I first started to think about homeschooling, a homeschooler I met gave me Jannet’s contact information. I called her and she  spent over an hour answering all of my questions and giving me the guidance and encouragement I needed to plunge in.My daughter attended classes at the wonderful cooperative homeschooling group that Jannet and Dee Dee ran for many years. Whenever I had a problem, a concern, or just needed assistance to navigate the world of homeschooling, Jannet was there with ideas, suggestions and invaluable information. She helped me to put together the transcript for my daughter when she reached high school age and wanted to attend a magnet school. Jannet is still my go-to person, eleven years later, whenever I need advice, guidance or support. Her expertise in the homeschooling world is invaluable and always up to date. I recommend her services one hundred percent!


I was lucky enough to homeschool alongside Jannet for about 5 years. Even luckier….her kids were a touch older than mine, so just when I was coming up on any challenge or it was time for a change in technique, she had inevitably “already been there” with at least one of her kids. Not every solution is the right fit for every child, but having the resource of someone who has been homeschooling 3 VERY different kids through different stages of life (including from school to home and home to school) meant that Jannet had a breadth of experience (and patience and creativity) that she was always ready, willing and able to share. If what you need is mixing up the routine a bit, transitioning from a home program to a competitive magnet school,  moving from school to detox and homeschool, or homeschool and college dual enrollment….Jannet has helped her kids (and numerous other families) through it and is a wonderful guide. If you are just getting started and need an injection of courage, she has that for you as well!


Wow! There are not enough words to describe the positive changes and love in my family since I met Jannet.  Dr. Jannet Dannon-Mairena is a wonderful, compassionate person who guided me through the homeschooling process.  My husband and I decided to homeschool our children when they were in middle school.  It was an exciting but scary decision.  We had no idea where to start but fortunately I contacted Jannet and she helped guide us with Florida homeschooling laws, curriculum decisions, high school dual enrollment and graduation.  She believes that everyone can succeed.  Both children successfully went to college and it’s all thanks to Jannet’s time and guidance with my family.