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I was born in Cuba and arrived in the United States at the age of 15. My earliest plan was to become a pharmacist, which I fulfilled by attending the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, and earning a Doctorate Degree with High Honors. I am blessed to be married for 25 years to my high school sweetheart and become the mother of three unique and kind human beings. My “children” are currently 24yo, 21yo and 15yo! Where did the time go?

By the time my oldest child reached the age to start school we had been having the best time playing, learning, and growing together. Coincidently, I met a homeschooling family and was introduced to what would come to be the best 24 years of memories. I homeschooled the first child, and then the second. When my second son was in 7th grade he expressed the desire to attend public school. We ventured on this new journey to honor his needs. He attended school until mid 10th grade at which point he realized he needed time to dedicate to his passion and life vision and thus returned to a home education program through dual enrollment. He is now an entrepreneur, owns his own company, and is fulfilling his goals as a photographer/videographer. Alternatively, my first son briefly considered attending public school and did for a short time. He then determined he could get it all done in less time by homeschooling in order to work on his own trade, as a self-taught sound producer and artist. My youngest, my daughter, homeschooled up to 8th grade and she is currently dual-enrolled. Throughout all these years I have also been able to work part time as a pharmacist with the support of my family.

As a home education mother for 24 years, it has been my passion to lead and participate in homeschooling groups (T.E.A.C.H, 4H, Miami Christian Homeschoolers, H.O.M.E) and guide many families in making the decision to homeschool, or not homeschool, choosing curriculums , moving on to high school at home, or become dual enrolled.

Now that we are going through the Covid-19 pandemic, I feel many families are considering the option to home educate and can benefit from my expertise in the Miami-Dade area of South Florida. I can help assist you in getting starting and navigating this chosen path.

Pre-COVID, my first advice for any family considering homeschooling would be to find a support group. A homeschooling support group is vital for both parents and children. This is where you go to get support and realize those bad days you have had are normal! This is also where you get to experience the diversity of the homeschooling community. At this current time, despite the inability to physically be around other families, it is still recommended to find a few families who have done this before and communicate with them regularly. It is important for all those involved to feel part of a larger community.

It is my hope that each family honors their children’s needs and Home Education Guidance is able to facilitate that process for you.

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