Hi, I’m Dr. Jannet Dannon-Mairena.

After homeschooling for 20+ years, I guide homeschooling families navigate the process of home education, specializing in the high school years.

My Message

Homeschooling is a family lifestyle decision, which should take into account all the members of the family. Although there is plenty of information about homeschooling available, each family is unique, and many families can benefit from support and guidance throughout the different stages of the home education process.

Homeschooling may seem overwhelming and daunting at first.  There are so many choices to make for each individual student regarding learning styles, curriculum and extracurricular activities. There are requirements for the county and requirements for college entrance.  I am here to navigate you through the entire process start to finish.  My years of professional, practical and personal experience in the homeschooling world will provide you with the answers and assistance you need.  

Home Education Guidance can guide and counsel you with the details of homeschooling so that you can rejoice in your new lifestyle as a homeschooling family. Confident home educators build harmonious homes where children thrive academically, socially, spiritually and physically. When the graduation cap is tossed up in the air, the measure of your success will not be all the workbooks completed or quizzes’ grades, but the kind of relationship you have had and will have with that young adult and the warm memories made in the journey.

Learning is inevitable.


After 24 years of homeschooling three children, Jannet has navigated the homeschooling world from the elementary years to college dual enrollment. Two of her children are already adults and one is enrolled in a charter school in Miami Dade County, Florida. Jannet knows her expertise is needed more than ever now that the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many families to consider home education for their children.


Jannet has supported, counseled, and guided many homeschooling families in the Miami-Dade county area of South Florida. Additionally, Jannet has mentored homeschooled high schoolers through the process of dual enrollment at Miami Dade College. For 10 years Jannet served as president of Homeschoolers of Miami Enrichment, Inc, (H.O.M.E), a 501c3 organization, that provided enrichment classes to homeschooled children.


Jannet participated in several homeschooling groups prior to becoming the president of HOME, as well as being a local 4H leader. As president, Jannet facilitated and oversaw the daily administration of HOME. She has created opportunities for families and instructors to grow and flourish through the creation of many enrichment classes. Jannet has guided and served as a support for many families educating their children at home.


Home Education Guidance can help families:

*Register with the county *Understand Florida homeschooling legal requirements and rights *navigate curriculum search *Understand high school homeschooling *Navigate the dual enrollment process in Miami Dade County

Services we offer both in English and Spanish: